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Fruit Reticules
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12th-Aug-2006 05:24 pm - strawberry girl
Ok, so it won't be life-sized, I want to be able to put more than a thimble in there, but I like the idea of a strawberry reticule out of red silk satin or maybe taffeta with beads for the seeds.
12th-Aug-2006 01:05 pm(no subject)
1790s Sarcenet Me
I've decided to make a peach out of cotton velvet that Im going to hand paint myself to get the lovely blush effect. Yes, I know its crazy, but for a small project I think it will be fun to try my hand at a new skill. I hope to have this finished by CC next year (hopefully I will get to go). More details later.
12th-Aug-2006 06:48 pm(no subject)
I think I will choose a crocheted grape. I'm dreaming of doing a white voile regency dress with grape embroideries, and a grape reticule would be perfect !
12th-Aug-2006 09:26 am(no subject)
I call an Orange. I admit to being fascinated with L'Orangeries in Chateaux in France, so if I can figure it out, that will be my reticule :)
13th-Aug-2006 02:15 am(no subject)
Well I suppose there really is only one fruit baggie I can make.

A kiwifruit.

Please note. This is the Kiwi. This is kiwifruit. *points to icon* even this is a Kiwi. Please do not mix them up.

Even though overseas the kiwifruit was known first it was named after the oh so cute fluffy bird. You can imagine the horror when I heard people were cutting "kiwis" up and eating them.

*pats a Kiwi* *eats a kiwifruit*

The shell will be brown fur, velvet or plush. I should have enough of the plush left over... the lining will be vibrant green.

What size are people making theirs? I'm thinking this will be simply for show as kiwifruit really are not that big at all, unless I scale it up a bit...
11th-Aug-2006 10:40 am(no subject)
Hopefully, I'm making a raspberry reticule. I'll have to think this one out for a long time - lots of handsewing, stuffing, and the perfect shaped base. I really hope to find the right fabric - the perfect red velvet. Cotton, probably. I wish I could afford silk velvet, but cotton is so much cheaper.

I'm pretty sure I'll start with a base in the shape of the raspberry, and then hand sew, very carefully, the little separate fruits, stuffed, onto the base. I'm not sure if it will open on the top or the bottom of the raspberry - I'm thinking the top.
11th-Aug-2006 11:02 am - Hello!
I'm planning to do a pomegranate, probably out of a dark red velvet dress I'll be *ahem* repurposing. My challenge, really, is that I don't do enough costuming for centuries that have reticules, so I'm trying to alter the project slightly for late 16th century oddness.

And if that happens not to work. . . well. I need to add another period to my repertoire. At some point after the Dutch Baroque lets go, and while I'm still resisting 18th century New France.
9th-Aug-2006 09:33 pm - Hello :)
20s bathing
There were a few people I spoke to who liked the idea of fruit shaped reticules. And what better way to track them than a community?

Anyway, I'm making a pineapple reticule out of silk taffeta. Should be amusing :)
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