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Fruit Reticules
To tame the wild pear... 
1st-Sep-2006 11:19 am
I bought 3 different types of green velvet today for my pear. My idea is to make a bukram bowl for the bottom and either drawstring or get a curved purse frame for the top, so I'll have to make it with 6-8 gores and I want teh seams to show as little as possible, hence, 3 types of velvet. My favorite is a linen/cotton velveteen that has a nice sheen to it and a slighly grained appearance. I think the grain will hide the seamlines well but the sheen might give it away. I also got a cotton/poly imitation of the linen that is not so shiny so it has teh graininess but no sheen disadvantage. Then I also got a plain, smooth all cotton velveteen.

I didn't find a bukram bowl shape that would have worked so I just got the yardage and will try to shape it myself. LOL! That should be fun *cough* *cough*

Is there a point at which something is too large to be considered a reticule? Or unfashionable for the time? If I use a purse frame, it will have to be at least 3" wide or I'll never be able to get anythign into it (no more than 4") but that means the bottom will have to be close to 6-7" in diameter, and close to 8-10" tall. Too much?
1st-Sep-2006 08:09 pm (UTC)
That was Colleency. I don't seem to be logged in, and I can't remember my password. sigh.
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