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Fruit Reticules
Oi! I thought I joined this comm as soon as it was set up, guess… 
16th-Aug-2006 12:14 am

I thought I joined this comm as soon as it was set up, guess not...no wonder I haven't been hearing anything about anyone else's plans.

Well, I was just reading love3angle's post about finally getting to work on her pear reticule, and I thought I might do a pear when I first decided make a fruit baggie...

I also thought I'd take bauhausfrau's challenge of tackeling the banana, because a peeled banana could look like a fleur de lys, but seems like I already have a yellowish bag....hmmm

then there's the coveted pineapple, which I totally love the idea of and of course it started this whole mess ;D but again, yellow....

I also thought about cherries, because as I exclaimed on the fabric tour, "I LOVE CHERRIES" but this may prove a little difficult...

well...I might stick with a pear since it was my first inclination, there can be 2 pears in a fruit basket, can't there??

now, a kiwi would just be plain funny! hehehe!
16th-Aug-2006 04:03 pm (UTC)
very cute idea...how about two bags, or maybe only one functional and one stuffed, with shared stems and a leaf at the top...

hmm....sounds like a challenge

17th-Aug-2006 02:06 am (UTC)
How could you resist? GO FOR THE CHERRIES!
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