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Fruit Reticules
Hmmmmmmmmm, thinking out loud through my fingers... 
12th-Aug-2006 09:20 pm
I was thinking of a pomegranate but tattycat already took it. I may do it anyway... I like the peach idea since it would require some dying/painting/staining to get the color right, or the strawberry with beaded seeds is also cool. Grapes or some kind of blackberry is attractive - a lot of bang for the buck, I think. I LOVE Michaela's kiwi idea... hmmmmmm, maybe a blood orange so I could use a really great color lining. A banana won't hold much more than lipstick-shaped things unless it was hilariously large.
I love pears, maybe a pear. Then again, the narrow end would have to be at the top... maybe a small hinged clasp... I prefer to eat bosc pears but the color wouldn't be right for this... light green would be nice...

Yeah, I like that. I'll do a pear.
13th-Aug-2006 10:31 am (UTC)
*grin* the way mine will work is more 20thC purse than anything else, because it's a "new" fruit.

Seeing as you mentioned banananananas...*

*I just read Witches Abroad again... forgive me for channeling Nanny Ogg.
14th-Aug-2006 05:59 am (UTC)
I see the kiwi more like one of those Judith Lieber miniaudieres, sort of hard and hinged in the middle. :-)

And that bananaguard is freakin' hillarious! What people won't invent...
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