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Fruit Reticules
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buxom wench
I need to fossick for my double ended pins and make a start on the Pineapple bag.  My tennis elbow has finally settled down enough for me to risk knitting - it's been almost 4 years.

Though as I'm not using yarn as fine as the original pattern, I'll adapt the pattern so that it's fewer stitches around. I really need to get my head back into the knitting space.
15th-Nov-2010 02:00 pm - wallnut shell purse?
18th cent nursing
does a wallnut shell purse belong in this community?
references under cut if it doesn't
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23rd-Jul-2010 01:56 pm - pineapple reticule
I keep forgetting to buy double ended pins so that I can start knitting the Pineapple reticule.  I've had the knitting cotton for a year now, and I think my subconcious is trying to get out of knitting in the round.  I've also got tennis elbow, so I don't think I'll be able to start until that's gone.
16th-Nov-2008 02:10 pm - Pineapple progress
Here's where I am with my pineapple now - nearing the ends of the leaves.

I've made a few modifications to the pattern so far:

Instead of knitting the first row with the straw-color and green, I knit it with just the straw-color.

After knitting the first row of green with beads, I did a single row of purl stitches and centered the beads in each pearl bump for a neater effect.

To soften the color transitions, I'm alternating color rows at each blending point.

I'm also planning on inserting an eyelet row between the leaves and the fruit to thread the drawstring through.
12th-Nov-2008 12:31 pm - Pineapple reticule cont.
About 10 rows in now, and already found one error with the pattern. If you're working off the chart, I think it's okay, but if you're following the written directions it's messed up from row 4 onwards.

Row 3 is: *k6, sk2tog psso, k6, yo, k1, yo* repeat 10 times from *. For the remaining rows of the leaves, she simply tells you to repeat row 3. However, doing that results in the decreases and increases being off one stitch and the whole thing skewing sharply to one side and generally ugh. In order to keep the increases and decreases centered in nice neat lines, the pattern has to jog back one stitch on each successive row. For example:

Row 3: *k6, sk2tog psso, k6, yo, k1, yo* repeat 10 times from *
Row 4: *k5, sk2tog psso, k6, yo, k1, yo, k1* repeat 10 times from *
Row 5: *k4, sk2tog psso, k6, yo, k1, yo k2* repeat 10 times from *

Or you could simply add an extra stitch so that you are working with 177 stitches instead of 176, which should induce an automatic shift.

I'm currently keeping stitch markers at what is now the end of each round for me, and at what would have been the end of the round using her instructions, since I'm not sure which mark I'll need when I get further in the pattern. I suspect that the body of the fruit probably has the same error as the leaves.

Other than the pattern errors, it's going quite nicely so far. The DMC thread is a dream to knit with, and so pretty!
10th-Nov-2008 10:54 pm - Pineapple reticule
koshka_the_cat nudged me towards this community when I mentioned my latest project. I hope you don't mind me disturbing the quiet!

I'm just starting on the notorious knitted pineapple reticule. I'm using this pattern, which is based on the pattern from The Lady's Assisstant and the Kyoto pineapple.

The original pattern calls for silk, obviously, but for availability, price, and range of colors, I'm going with DMC Pearl Cotton (size 5). Mrs. Gaugin calls for four colors of yellow (check!) and four of green (I had to settle for three). I also picked up some seed beads to accent it with. Pretties!

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11th-Sep-2006 09:54 pm - Some trial, some error...
I went downtown in hopes of finding a purse frame for the pear, but most people have no idea what I'm talking about and the few who do only sell purses already made that I'd have to rip apart to get the frame from. I first found some really beautiful one of a kind purses with perfect frames but I wasn't willing to spend $160 to rip it apart to make my little pear. ugh.

I finally found a cheap beaded purse with a rounded decorative frame that will work. That was $20; much better. :-) And it had a beaded handle that I like. I picked one in brown so the handle will still look appropriate as the stem. The only snag now is that it's about 5" across when the bukram base I made was only 6" across (I was hoping to find a 4" max frame) so now I have to make a bigger base or there won't be enough difference to give me a good pear shape. Off to dig through my rose bowl vases for a better size...
2nd-Sep-2006 05:50 pm - My fruit reticule plan...
I'll be travelling around a bit over the next few days and wanted to take some handwork with me, so I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to get stuck in to that fruit reticule. I have been pondering it for a while and am much inspired by this four-sided reticule. I also want to try stumpwork and like the idea of doing berries, as in this garland.

Here's my sample piece - I didn't have the right thread for the leaves, but it arrived this morning (yay!), so hopefully it will look a bit better. And I didn't have time to trial any of the fruit, but it looks straightforward enough. I don't think the lettering is going to work out, though. I can't find a font that I like enough and that is easy enough to embroider.

I hope it's not breaking the fruit reticule rules too much to make one that is embellished with fruit rather than actually fruit-shaped?
1st-Sep-2006 11:19 am - To tame the wild pear...
I bought 3 different types of green velvet today for my pear. My idea is to make a bukram bowl for the bottom and either drawstring or get a curved purse frame for the top, so I'll have to make it with 6-8 gores and I want teh seams to show as little as possible, hence, 3 types of velvet. My favorite is a linen/cotton velveteen that has a nice sheen to it and a slighly grained appearance. I think the grain will hide the seamlines well but the sheen might give it away. I also got a cotton/poly imitation of the linen that is not so shiny so it has teh graininess but no sheen disadvantage. Then I also got a plain, smooth all cotton velveteen.

I didn't find a bukram bowl shape that would have worked so I just got the yardage and will try to shape it myself. LOL! That should be fun *cough* *cough*

Is there a point at which something is too large to be considered a reticule? Or unfashionable for the time? If I use a purse frame, it will have to be at least 3" wide or I'll never be able to get anythign into it (no more than 4") but that means the bottom will have to be close to 6-7" in diameter, and close to 8-10" tall. Too much?
23rd-Aug-2006 08:39 am - Done!
Well, my strawberry is done!

I made the stem out of moss green velvet and used cording for the drawstring. Yay! The Tuesday night costuming group got a real laugh out of this one. And it spurred a flurry of speculation as to other fruits to make.

I had a question maybe folks here can help with, did they use fabric flowers/fruit for hat/bonnet trims in the Regency? I can't really remember ever seeing one that did but I'm far from a Regency expert...I was thinking little white strawberry flowers would be nice.
21st-Aug-2006 12:51 pm - Decisions, decisions...
Okay, I'm 'diving' in, per se. ;-)

One of my favorite memories from when I was little were the mornings I would wake up and go outside with my grandmother to her blackberry bushes. We would pick as many ripe ones as she could find and then take them inside and wash them and get the big seeds out of the middle. Well okay, so she would do all that and I would watch - I was still only 2 or 3 years old at the time. Then, she would make up some fresh whipping cream - yum!!! I loved feasting on fresh blackberries and cream when I was little, and I still love them fresh or in a good cobbler.

So, I'll do a blackberry. :-D Not sure how yet, although I'm sure it will be made from fabric as I'm not brave enough to attempt something like that as a Very First Crochet attempt.
21st-Aug-2006 11:05 am - something to ponder...
in reference to bauhausfrau & gilded_garb's recent entries about making whole ensembles inspired by their fruit reticules--maybe there should be a sister community for such projects.

I have accepted the challenge of creating a cherries reticule and have the cherry(ish) fabric that I could use to make a dress and I'm quite tempted to add it to the to-do list...

I'm sensing another trend...

20th-Aug-2006 04:41 pm - Good enough to eat?
So here's where I'm at so far with my Strawberry reticule: I've finished the beading and have sewn it together and made the lining, Need to make the leaves/drawstring at the top and I'm done.

I've been thinking it would be fun to make a whole strawberry inspired regency: green velvet spencer possibly piped in red, or maybe a red spencer and a green bonnet. Very silly, somehow it all reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake!
17th-Aug-2006 04:32 pm - Finding a needle at the beach
Amazingly this little beach town has a wonderful little shop called sea needles that had just the beading needle I needed to work on my reticule, along with some nice embroidery stuff too. I'd brought the bronze dyed pearls with me so I decided I'd just go with that and can redo if I don't like it. It turned out pretty well I think, I'll post pics once I'm back home...
16th-Aug-2006 12:14 am(no subject)

I thought I joined this comm as soon as it was set up, guess not...no wonder I haven't been hearing anything about anyone else's plans.

Well, I was just reading love3angle's post about finally getting to work on her pear reticule, and I thought I might do a pear when I first decided make a fruit baggie...

I also thought I'd take bauhausfrau's challenge of tackeling the banana, because a peeled banana could look like a fleur de lys, but seems like I already have a yellowish bag....hmmm

then there's the coveted pineapple, which I totally love the idea of and of course it started this whole mess ;D but again, yellow....

I also thought about cherries, because as I exclaimed on the fabric tour, "I LOVE CHERRIES" but this may prove a little difficult...

well...I might stick with a pear since it was my first inclination, there can be 2 pears in a fruit basket, can't there??

now, a kiwi would just be plain funny! hehehe!
15th-Aug-2006 08:52 am - strawberry reticules forever
So I made my strawberry pattern and have cut out the body of the bag. I'm going to do a thin layer of quilting and bead the seeds onto that to give it that slightly quilted look. It was funny studying a strawberry last night, but I did realize that the seeds are in a defined diamond pattern: a row of evenly spaced seeds, the next rows seeds offset to the middle of the previous row, like so:

So I was all set to start beading but then realized I'd brought the wrong needle to the beach - doh! Oh well, I've got my seeds marked at least.

Anyone want to weigh in on what I should do for seeds? The real seeds are a sort of yellow color and oblong, so I was thinking either bugle beads in gold or maybe freshwater pearls in off-white. Any thoughts?
13th-Aug-2006 10:08 am - Crecheting with beads
I found this link about how to crochet with beads, if it can help someone : here. Step by step right and left hand. And some exemples : pattern for a 1900 (non-fruit!) reticule, amulettes bags.
I was thinking of a pomegranate but tattycat already took it. I may do it anyway... I like the peach idea since it would require some dying/painting/staining to get the color right, or the strawberry with beaded seeds is also cool. Grapes or some kind of blackberry is attractive - a lot of bang for the buck, I think. I LOVE Michaela's kiwi idea... hmmmmmm, maybe a blood orange so I could use a really great color lining. A banana won't hold much more than lipstick-shaped things unless it was hilariously large.
I love pears, maybe a pear. Then again, the narrow end would have to be at the top... maybe a small hinged clasp... I prefer to eat bosc pears but the color wouldn't be right for this... light green would be nice...

Yeah, I like that. I'll do a pear.
12th-Aug-2006 08:18 pm - An apple a day ...
I would like to make an apple. Not sure if I will knit, or crochet it, or make it out of red velvet.
12th-Aug-2006 04:43 pm - Grape-ity Grape
Big Damn Ship
heileen, you stole my idea. However, I'm still doing a grape reticule out of shaped silk satin to go with the grape embroidered voile regency gown I've already started working on :o)

Yay for fruit themed purses!
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